Ventless Design “L” Ethanol Burner Inserts  01 1
Ventless Design “L” Ethanol Burner Inserts  01 1

Ventless Design “L” Ethanol Burner Inserts 01

★ Intelligent ethanol burner extinction or ignition ordered by electric board and a Button ON/OFF and remote controller.

★ Automatic filling injection and manual filling injection function for the burner.

★ Material in stainless and MDF.

★ Separately bio-ethanol tank and burning hearth.

★ Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching un-authorized levels.

★ Sake off function if the burner is moved by external force.

★ Automatic electric pump to fill the combustiontray of the burner.

★ With electronic heat detectors, it will automatic extinction when the temperature reaching the un-authorized levels.

★ AC charger or battery charger with battery loader.

★ With audio effect.

★ Child Lock Function.

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