Fireplace For Senior Residences

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Senior Residences With Water Vapor Fireplace
Fireplaces for Senior residences, retirement home and Silver habitat
Fireplaces for senior residences, retirement home or housing for the elderly offer comfort and life to the Silver habitat. Whether in communal spaces or private areas, spending an afternoon or evening by the fire is always a time of good cheer.
It was enough to create a fireplace with cold flames that was 100% safe, ecological and easy to use. With its ranges of water vapor electric fireplaces, reinvents the world of fire. Specialists in development of living spaces for seniors finally have a fireplace that is truly suited to their decoration needs. In their private space, seniors will be able to enjoy a designer fireplace with real flames that can be controlled by simply pressing a button or APP.
It was enough to create a fireplace with cold flames that was 100% safe, ecological and easy to use.
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App Control And Manual Buttons
More Intelligent 3D Fireplace
Exquisite design, selected materials
Press The Buttons To Control
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Good Reasons For Choosing ArtFireplace

Fireplaces for senior residences or service villages fit perfectly in private places. Of course, the total safety of a cold flame that does not release any dangerous gases has a lot to do with it. It is also necessary to take into account that this fireplace is ecological and respectful of the environment. In addition, a steam fireplace is economical, it consumes only water and very little electricity (less than 100 W for a meter of length). Finally, it is a modern fireplace without limits. In fact, it does not require a fuel supply (a particularly important point for seniors).

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3D Water Steam Fireplaces For Senior Residences
Fireplaces for communal spaces and convivial areas in senior residences
Retirees are now active people. They enjoy doing things in their own time and appreciate anything that promotes intergenerational ties. The Silver habitat is now a connected space where we live the good life together.
The fireplace is a “must” for creating social ties in a happy space. The flames create a sense of well-being in collective living spaces. We can imagine a fireplace for the reception area of the residence, but also for the many common areas. It is a fact that we all love to share around a fire. The living room fireplace is the perfect example to create a meeting point between residents, but also with family and friends. A fireplace in a restaurant, library or coffee shop also gives life in these places for “Living Together”.
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Things we have accomplished
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