How To Install 3D Fireplace

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How to Install An Art Water Vapor Fireplace

To make the vapor fireplace insert, you could simply use commercial ones already available on the market. Art Vapor Fire Team Focus on Intelligent Fires For more than 10 years.The quality and Technology are reliable with great value.

1.Prepare the housing with cutout exactly to the specifications provided. 10mm wider than the drawings for the housing.

To install an Art vapor fireplace, you need to create a housing (a surface that will support the fireplace insert).

2.Leave holes or gaps for air intake bellow the fireplaces.

People may use vapor fires in many different places with different decorations,for traditional fireplace designs with/without logs or for modern designs with/without glasses arround,

For different designs,we should make sure if there is enough air intake bellow the fireplace to let the vapor go upwards.

3.Plug in the system and insert it into the housing.

A standarded Volt electrical outlet is required. (best located inside the housing). The system comes with a 100/240V (50-60 Hz) – 24V UL Listed power adapter (converter).

Unlike other vapor fire systems,An Art Fire vapor fire works with a low voltage system,so it is much safer.

If people want to connect the water pipe to the fireplace,people can prepare a water plastic tube from the water pipe system in the housing and connect it to the fireplace.
Turn on the faucet,water will comes into the fireplace automatically.When it comes to a spirit level,it will stop injection.So people no need to add water into the fireplace manually any more.

As you can see, it is not that hard to build your own water vapor fireplace. Sure, you will spend more time to install everything.

So, is it really worth it in the end? Well, that all depends on your crafting skills and your budget.

General conclusions

Water vapor artificial fireplaces are cool gadgets that will certainly entertain your guests! You can now also impress them by explaining the science behind these fake fireplaces! I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you want to know more functions and guidelines about Art water vapor fires,please contact us freely.

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