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Leading 3D Water Vapor Fireplace Supplier in China

7 years of experience in 3D Water Vapor Fireplace OEM & ODM design, production and export. We have send fireplace goods for customers in more than 130 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, the Czech Republic, Australia, Singapore, Japan and so on. If you need fireplaces for your project, please feel free to contact us.

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Light-up your dream fireplaces with:

Art Fireplace 3D Water Vapor Fireplace Insert

  Excellent flame effect creates an excellent atmosphere.
  Using water as fuel, it does not produce smoke and is friendly to the environment.
  The effect of fire is realized through light, and it can be touched safely.
 No chimney design, suitable for installation.
 Smart chip provides you with a more comfortable user experience.
  High cost performance: The starting price only 695.00 USD



Flame Color

Orange Color Flame

Unlimited Color Flame

Flame Height

7 Stage

7 stage

Flame Speed

7 stage

7 stage


Orange Bulbs

RGB Bulbs

Loud Speaker




304 Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel

Connect To Water Pipe



Burning Time

15-20 hours



82cm --- 300cm

82cm ---400cm

Different Decorations For Art Vapor Fire

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Excellent Flame Effect

The Art Fireplace 3D water vapor fireplaces use ultrasonic technology, fine mist creates the illusion of fire and smoke, which is very realistic and 100% safe to touch for Children.

Automatic Water Filling System

The 3D water vapor fireplaces use water as the“fuel”, the automatic water filling system can realize one-key automatic water filling and drainage functions, and can even be connected to the house water supply system easily.

Flame Size, Flame Speed Adjustable and Colourful

We offer 7 standard sizes, other sizes can be customized, and APP Controlled vapor fires with a maximum of 100 colors supported, to match various scenes easily customizable flame width and pattern.

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More Energy Efficient

Upgrade halogen lamps to low-power LED lights, 100% Effeciency and 0% Emissions, Eco-friendly, Safe, Economiz energy effeciency and Longer warranty time.

More Advantages

Highest Top Plate Finish 

Easy installation, No gas lines, venting, chimney

Silent Operation < 20db

Long use time, working time more than 15 hours


3D Water Vapor Fireplaces is widely used in living rooms, villas, hotels, restaurants, clubs, conference rooms and other scenes that need to create an atmosphere because of its excellent flame effect and chimney free design. In particular, the safety and environmental protection advantages of “using water as fuel” do not need to worry about children touching the flame. It is especially suitable for public places. The fireplace also has the function of humidifier. It can also be used in places with air conditioning or other low air humidity.
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Be Your Best Fireplace Supplier

Art Fireplace established on 2010, has been a trusted and reliable source for hundreds of customers. Multi-family housing, public facilities, hotels, country clubs, home owner associations, contract designers, etc. have trusted our product to incorporate into their properties leisure environments. By utilizing the talented furniture designers, by offering all kinds of fireplace products by shipping on time and by offering competitive pricing.

We will be you best partner:

  • We support OEM & ODM orders.
  • We have enough stock to ship.
  • We ensure to offer high quality product with reasonable price.
  • Your any question will be answered within 12 hours.
  • Promptly delivery. Small order is welcome.
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